Installing the Shopify Connector in Google Data Studio

How to add your Shopify data to Google Data Studio with the SlideRuleAnalytics connector.

Install the App on Your Shopify Store

  1. Click here to add the SlideRuleAnalytics Data Studio Connector app to your Shopify store.
  2. Log in with your Shopify credentials and select the store that you want to connect to Data Studio.
  1. Click Install unlisted app.
  1. After adding the app you will see your Store Name and App token. You will need both to set up the connector in Data Studio.

Set up the Data Studio Connector

  1. Go to and log in with your Google account, if needed.
  2.  In the top left corner, go to Create → Data source.
  1. Search for “SlideRuleAnalytics” and select the Shopify connector.
  1. Enter your store name and app token from the Shopify app.
  1. Select if you want to include test orders (not included by default).
  1. Click NEXT.
  1. The connector will validate your store name and token. If your store name and token are valid, click CONNECT.
  1. You will be taken to the field list, where you can see all available dimensions and metrics and their description. You can sort, filter, and search these dimensions and metrics with this spreadsheet
  1. Give your Data Source a useful name. We recommend “YOUR STORE | Shopify” to make it easy to find the data source later.
  1. Your Shopify data is now connected to Data Studio. To see your data with our Shopify template, click CREATE REPORT.
  1. It may take a few minutes for the initial data to populate. But then you should see a dashboard like below. Your Shopify data will update every night at midnight.
  1. You can share the report with your team. Hover over the top of the report and click Share.