Add Facebook Conversions API to your Shopify store

Connect Shopify to FB CAPI with our BETA integration. Get accurate and complete ecommerce data in Facebook and increase your return on ad spend.

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Why SlideRule Analytics?

Get more accurate data in FB CAPI

With our Shopify to FB CAPI integration, you'll get much more accurate and complete data than Shopify's built-in integration, improving ROAS

Free Expert Installation

As part of our beta program our in-house experts will install the FB integration for you for free.

99.9% Accurate Data

Our FB CAPI integration uses server-side tracking for checkout and purchase events, so you get the most accurate data possible. No more missing or duplicate transactions.

Improved Match Rate

We send all available customer information to Facebook, drastically improving the match rate for server-side events, improving Facebook's targeting.

Free Support

Get free help so you can discover the insights you need to grow your store.

How it works

Accurate, complete, and consistent

Our integration sends the same data to Facebook as our GA4 integration so you get consistent, complete, and accurate data across both platforms.

Accurate Tracking

All checkout and purchase events fire from Shopify webhooks, so you don’t need to worry about iOS 14 messing up your tracking, or confirmation page views duplicating your transactions. We handle add to cart carts, purchases, upsells, and subscriptions correctly so you always have accurate data in Facebook

Complete Data

We all ecommerce and customer data you can optimize your Facebook ad spend across customers, products and mid-funnel conversions events.

Data Consistency

If you use our GA4 integration with the Facebook integration, you'll get the same data in both platforms so you can confidently make campaign spending decisions without worrying about data discrepancies.


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Stores in our beta program get 50% pricing for the first year

Beta Pricing

/ Month

up to 6,000 order per month. Lock in our beta pricing for the next year before prices go up.

What’s included:
Accurate Data
Free Expert Installation
Free Customizations
Dedicated support
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