Get 100% accurate metrics for your Shopify store. In minutes.

SlideRule Analytics dashboards use Shopify data to create 100% accurate metrics and charts in minutes.


Accurate metrics for Shopify

The most accurate data you can get. For your store's entire history. No tracking code required.

Accurate Data

For key metrics like Average Order Value you need data you can count on.

Don't really on third party trackers. SlideRule Analytics pull data directly from Shopify so you have 100% accurate metrics for your store's entire history.

Now instead of questioning your key metrics you focus on improving them.

Quick Setup

Creating custom dashboards is hard and expensive. You have to pull the data from Shopify daily, clean it, then create your charts and metrics.

SlideRule Analytics let's you see clean, accurate charts and metrics in minutes without hiring developers or recreating spreadsheets.

Now, instead of spending money on data engineers or maintaining complicated spreadsheets, you can focus on improving your business.

Designed for Shopify

Tracking refunds, subscription, or one-click upsells with third-party tools like Google Analytics is difficult if not impossible because they weren't designed specifically for Shopify stores.

SlideRule Analytics pull data directly from Shopify so you can see all your order data, not just the stuff that happens on your website.

Now, instead of trying to copy everything into Google Analytics, you can see the metrics that matter to your store.

See accurate data for your store's entire history.

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