View and explore your Shopify data in Google Data Studio for free

Add your Shopify data to Google Data Studio with a few clicks for free. Create interactive, executive-ready dashboards in minutes.

Why SlideRuleAnalytics?

We make Shopify metrics and reports easy

With our connector, you can view your Shopify data in Google Data Studio in minutes for free. Easily create custom reports, interactive dashboards, and metrics specifically designed for your store.

Simple & Easy Setup

Set up the Shopify Data Studio connector with just a few steps. No more cleaning data or missing history. Get the metrics you need in minutes instead of days.

Share Your Results

Google Data Studio makes it easy to share your reports with your team. Get up-to-date results without sharing files. Let your team explore your data to find new insights.

Data Help

Get free help customizing key metrics for your store so you can discover the insights you need to grow.

Automated Updates

Our connector updates the past six months of your Shopify data every night at midnight. No more manually updating spreadsheets or last-minute scrambles to create up-to-date presentations.

How it works

Easy to use, powerful, and free

Shopify is the single source of truth for your ecommerce data. Use it to create the metrics and reports you need.

Accurate Analytics

View your store's most important metrics like Average Order Value and Returning Customer Rate in a single dashboard. Because the connector pulls directly from Shopify, you won't have to worry about Google Analytics bugs or when your spreadsheet was last updated.

Infinitely Customizable

Our connector provides row-level order data from Shopify so you can customize your metrics as needed. Want to exclude one-click upsells from your Average Order Value? No problem. Combine Shopify orders with Google Analytics traffic channels? Easy.

Executive Ready Dashboards

Our interactive, easy-to-understand template shows your most important metrics. View your data across different date ranges, filter by products and customer data, and derive the insights you need to grow.

Let’s simplify & automate your ecommerce reporting

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