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Why SlideRule Analytics?

Get accurate ecommerce metrics with GA4 for free

With our Shopify to GA4 app you can see your complete conversion funnel in GA4 for free. Our app adds all conversion and product data, properly formatted for the new Google Analytics 4 specification.

Simple & Easy Setup

Set up GA4 with just a few steps. No more missed events or incorrectly formatted product information. Complete your GA4 migration in minutes instead of days.

Accurate Purchase Data

Our GA4 integration uses server-side tracking for checkout and purchase events, so you get the most accurate data possible. No more missing or duplicate transactions.

Complete Documentation

Our Google Analytics 4 tracking plan clearly and completely documents when each event fires and how each parameter is defined in an easy-to-use Notion template. You can even copy the template and document your own events.

Free Support

Get free data help so you can discover the insights you need to grow your store.

How it works

Easy to use, accurate, and free

Upgrade to the next generation of Google Analytics 4. With SlideRule Analytics you can implement it in minutes so you have a deep history in GA4 before Google shuts down Universal Analytics in July of 2023.

Accurate Tracking

All checkout and purchase events fire from Shopify webhooks, so you don’t need to worry about iOS 14 messing up your tracking, or confirmation page views duplicating your transactions.

Best Practices Implementation

There are so many ways you can send the wrong data to Google Analytics 4. Our app ensures that the data is specifically formatted for Shopify stores so you can get the insights you need from your tracking.

Free Monitoring

Signup for free monitoring so you can make sure Google Analytics is always tracking correctly.

Let’s simplify & automate your ecommerce reporting

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